SKULLZ LONDON is a label made for women with curves. Fed up with seeing the same old crusty designs (We call them Granny Grew clothes) churned out year after year by designers in the USA, I used my considerable fashion expertise & knowledge to bring the layered clothing I wore back home in London to the USA. We`ve received emails telling us we`ve transformed many women`s lives!  

Skullz is  fun, funky,totally different & not made for those Ladies who want to just blend into the background. Skullz wants you to celebrate your curves, wear fabrics that flow over the parts you want covered up & enhance those you love. Worn by women from 18 to 85.

All Skullz London items are made right here in the USA using fabrics also manufactured here. We dont believe in supporting the Far Eastern economy. So if you haven`t yet bought a piece of Skullz, what are you waiting for? We guarantee you`ll be stopped at least twice by women wanting to know where you got that amazing item you`re wearing! 




you can view and order from EBAY or email us @ SkullzLondon@gmail.com.

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    The Skullz London White Linen Shara Tunic The Skullz London White/Black Linen Cressida Jacket
    The Skullz London White Linen Shara TunicThe Skullz London White/Black Linen Cressida Jacket
    This is the Skullz London Shara Tunic we designed back in 2008. We`ve brought Shara back because the design is so relevant to right now. Color is White in pre-washed Linen from Lithuania. Bust to 56ins. Hips Open. Lengths 40 to 47ins.

    This is the Cressida Jacket. Swirling full circle asymmetrical lower section. Fabric is pre-washed high quality lightweight Linen from Lithuania. Other colors not available. Bust up to 58ins. Hips Open. Lengths 44 to 50ins.